Kamran Heidari

August 23, 1979 . documentary filmmaker photographer anthropologist who is famous for making documentary-Docu fiction films in Iran.

He was born in the south of Iran in a very small oil city (Gachsaran). His his ancestors are from a nomadic tribe called Qashqai who raise livestock in the plains of southern Iran.

His father was an employee of the oil company, and when he was just a little boy, saw many movies in the Gachsaran oil company cinema, which made him interested in cinema.

He made his first short documentary film in the old context of Shiraz
(one-man filmmaking style) which is about the life of a mythical
character (Dash Akol) , after that he was made his the first long
documentary film "I am negahdar jamali and I make western" this film was interested by “Abbas Kiarostami” and It was introduced by him to the world festivals of Pusan and Rotterdam; after that his other films have been shown on Arte TV in France and international documentary film festivals: IDFA, Leipzig and many other festivals He is very interested in the anthropology of music and has made several documentary films about the music of southern Iran, also in recent years he has been most active researcher and anthropology of music (documentary film) in the south of Iran.

Kamran Heidari has collected a large archive of the music of southern Iran, publishes videos of his music research on social media. his way of making music documentary films is not similar to music anthropology research videos, because he makes documentary films with musicians in the style and style of fiction films, and he is very interested in making "one-man" filmmaking because it makes him make films very light and without heavy actors and tools. He also teaches this method of filmmaking to his students.

His documentary films have often been shown in international festivals and in many universitiesHe is very interested in the anthropology of music and has made several documentary films about the music of southern Iran, also in recent years he has been most active researcher and anthropology of music (documentary film) in the south of Iran.


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