We Are Dingomaro, A Creative

Agency Based in Iran

“Dingomaro” In South African-Iranian’s Mythology Is A Name Ofa Specific Wind Which Also Known As ‘Zaar’ Wind; If It Penetratesand Possesses One’s Body, It Takes The Soul With It Everywhere That It Goes. In Conclusion We Have Also Named Our Film Company “Dingomaro” As If We Too Have Been Possessed By This Wind So We Have To Go Everywhere With Our Cameras. Our Production Is Focused Mostly On Documentary Films. BesidesSocial Documentary Films, We Are More Focused On Music Documentary Films. Original, Undiscovered Music From The South Of Iran Connected To India, Arabia And Africa By Ocean,Which Causes Many Tribes To Live With Their Own Absorbing Cultures And Music. We Have Been Producing Many Films And Footages In These Areas For Many Years And Will Soon Expand Our Productions To Arabic And North African Countries. Our Company Is Interested In International Collaborations And Maybe You Would Be As Well Interested In These Enormous Impressive Dreams.