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67 min / Color / 4K / 16:9 / Iran - Dubai - Czechia

“Va kas che” is a documentary film regarding the life and death of Ebrahim Monsefi, mostly known as Ebram; a popular southern guitar player, singer and poet in Iran who was born 70 years ago in Bandar-Abbas and passed away 50 years afterwards and had suffered such a sad end that made it almost impossible for one to tell if he had committed suicide or died a natural death. Although he has passed away for almost two decades now, thoughts and debates are still on about his cause and reason of death. Ebrahim spent his whole life composing lyrics and music in solitude and recorded them in solitude as well, never in a studio. After he died, his works have been discovered and published little by little and suddenly everyone referred to his music and several musicians have covered them so far. Many have become interested in his life...

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80 min / Color / HD-Video / 16:9 / IRAN

There are some men in Iran who have a penchant for raising pigeons. In Persian slang, they are known as "Love Guys". The story of Ali Aqa (Mr. Ali) revolves around one such guy who has been a professional pigeon keeper for nearly 50 years in an old neighbourhood in Shiraz. He is an old man now, and he cannot look after his birds as he used to. As the result, his pigeons have fallen sick or dead, and this has led Mr. Ali's family to be against keeping the birds and to try to make him sell them. Mr. Ali doesn’t want to accept that his time, as well as his old love for these birds, is ending. He is const antly fighting everybody around him to try to save his birds…

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65 min / Color / HD-Video / 16:9 / IRAN

Since his Internet hit, "Bad Shans" (hard luck), Hamid Said has become one of the most famous black musicians in Iran. He’s travelling by motorbike across the province of Hormozgan, which is situated in the South of the country on the Persian Gulf, in order to realize his dream. he wants to organize a concert with the best black musicians in the country.




65 min / Color / SD-Video / 16:9 / IRAN

“My name is John Ford and I make Westerns” this is how John Ford introduced himself at the American Film Directors’ Association gathering.
Negahdar Jamali, an Iranian from Shiraz introduced himself the same way when I first met him without knowing John Ford that well. “MY NAME IS NEGAHDAR JAMALI AND I MAKE WESTERNS” He introduced himself with self-confidence and without any weakness in his statement; not in the Monument Valley or in the Grand Canyon but in Shiraz and the deserts surrounding the city. He has been making Western films continuously for the past 35 years under hard conditions, and this film is about the struggle with his family, friends, society,... to make what he likes the most in his life “Western Movies”.

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