Kamran Heidari

was born in Gachsaran near Shiraz in 1977.


After receiving his Diploma he started making films and attended classes for making documentary films for 5 years.

All his documentaries and photos are about people from Shiraz (Fars province) and south of Iran.


“I am Negahdar Jamali, I make Western Films” is his first long documentary.




- "Good News from Iran", Pasinger Fabrik, Munich Germany, 2014

- International Film Festival Busan, 2013

- International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2013

- International Film Festival Spelit, 2013

- International Film Festival Göteborg, 2013

- International Film Festival Sydney, 2013

- International Film Festival Katowice, 2013

- Iranian Film Festival Houston, 2014

- Film Festival of Iranians in Prague, 2014

- Gene Siskel Film Center — Festival of Films from Iran, Chicago 2014

- Freer and Sackler Galleries, 2014

- UCLA Film & Television Archive's 2014 Billy Wilder Theater.

- Docunight / Iran via Documentaries / San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Washington

2014 - "Dingomaro"


2012 - “I am Negahdar Jamali and I make Westerns" Documentary

2011 - "Mola Sadra"


2008 - “At the End of Perfect Day”-Documentary

2006 - “Mohammad Bahman Beigi”


2006 - “The Big Red”

Short Film

2007 - “Comfortably Numb”


2004 - “Dash Akol” Documentary

2010 - “The Dead Sea”


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    "Jamali's story has been told in the documentary "My Name Is Negahdar Jamali And I Make Westerns", which this week was given its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea..."


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    Kamran Heidari's Universal Cinema

    "Kamran Heidari's Universal Cinema: Beauty and Humanity from Iran:


    If there is one emerging Iranian film director you should know about, it’s Kamran Heidari. Born in 1979, in Gachsaran, close to the old city of Shiraz, Heidari directs documentaries and films about the lives of the people who come from his region. We take a closer look at two of his latest films, My Name is Negahdar Jamali and I Make Westerns and Dingomaro: Iran’s Black South ... "


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